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Heating systems for those cooler Bay of Plenty months

Are you looking for a heating system for those colder months and frosty mornings in the Bay of Plenty? It makes sense to install a powerful, yet unobtrusive heating system for your home – one that delivers perfect results, but isn’t obvious or unsightly. Consider a WARMUP Heating System today! The WARMUP Heating System is an intuitive heating system that is installed under your tiles or carpet for wholesome, whole house heating. It’s incredibly easy to operate, deliver unparalleled results, and operates incredibly economically: a small room only uses the power of 3x100 watt light bulbs! Call us today to find out more about the WARMUP Heating System, and how it would be a perfect match for your home.
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Completely hidden and unobtrusive, our heating poses no threat to prying little fingers. WARMUP heating systems are approved and certified to both New Zealand and International safety standards.


Surround yourself with clean still air and luxurious warmth. Forget dampness, minimise draughts and condensation. Radiant heating is recommended by health professionals for Asthma sufferers.


WARMUP heating can easily be installed into new or existing homes, to an individual room or provide total heating for your home. Once installed WARMUP heating requires absolutely no maintenance.


Our heating elements are laid directly under tiles or carpet. Combining the range of WARMUP heating system controls, maximum efficiency is achieved and running costs kept to a minimum resulting in a response and easy to control heating system.


WARMUP undertile and undercarpet heating is also available in “Do It Yourself” kits with full easy to understand instructions. Call us here at Allfields Electrical


WARMUP has remained at the forefront of the latest International technology of electric undercarpet and undertile heating. Our heaters are backed by a 5 year and 10-year factory guarantee.

For More Information, Go To www.Warmup.Co.Nz

For more information about our range of heating systems, call 07 575 5833
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